Mad Rooster Design is, at the end of the day, an experiment in survival.  I'm a real, live, 3-dimensional person who's seen first hand many of the things life has to offer, only to come out the other end convinced that I'll have to forge my own path. I'm located in Austin, but am a citizen of the world.

Working at agencies and in a few in-house design departments, I quickly realized that while end consumers like my work a lot, many bosses didn't like the honesty, humanity, and originality with which I approach things. I was too often left with my hands tied, when it was time to make something truly better, instead of merely filling the basic requirements of the project without offending anyone. I want to give clients something actually good, something they can be proud of, and something that will enrich people's lives.

Previously tied by economic circumstance, it's only just now that I've been able to stop bailing water long enough to row the boat. As a result, my resume is full of "paying the bills" jobs, which doesn't fit the image expected by many recruiters. On the other hand, I feel that my extremely broad base of experience has given me a perspective and understanding that your average sheltered suburbanite couldn't buy at any price. It's also given me a surprisingly wide range of skills and knowledge that comes out in my work. If there's something extra that your project needs, I might just be able to make it happen.

Check out the Resume page for a longer list of skills, and the Portfolio for numerous samples. As this site develops, I'm also planning a series of articles on a range of topics, including design philosophy, working with designers, doing it yourself; offering specials, deals, and merchandise from time to time.

As a human being, I have to admit that making this leap is terrifying.  But I'm also tired of seeing my skills lay dormant, and want to flourish for once, and find out what I can truly accomplish.  Hopefully, those of you who need me, will find and join me on this journey.


Michael Reust


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