New Music Video!

September 2014


A music video I made has been released and written up by the Chronicle.  Check it out HERE.




Michael Reust, December 2012


Hi folks, thanks for taking the time to check out my stuff.  As this site grows, I'll be posting a number of articles here, as well as special deals, merchandise and other news.  I'll probably transition this page to a blog in the near future, but for now, this will work. I have a lot of content planned. Check in from time to time!

Here are two promotions I am offering for the moment.  They may change at any time.


New Client Commission

If you and I already know each other, and you bring me a new client, I'll consider giving you a percentage from the first job, or offer you some design work in exchange.  In the future, I'd like to work more directly with a salesperson. Employees of the client being presented aren't eligible.  Please contact me if you have such a client in mind, and we'll work out the details.



$50 Flyer Deal

Since I'm a lover of the arts, and since posters are my favorite thing to do, I'm offering this deal:  8.5"x11" or smaller flyer or card designs for musicians and artists, fifty dollars. One print-ready and one internet version both included.  Here are the restrictions: 

• Must be art, music or a good cause that I personally like. Individuals, very small businesses and venues only.

• Timing is key.  I might be too busy to do the job, so try and give me at least two weeks' notice.

• I do whatever I want with the visuals, and it will be good, but simple. (It won't be risque or otherwise shocking unless you specifically request that.) I will try to match your sensibility and take your suggestions into consideration, but this is about working towards your desired look, over a series of projects. 

• Printing not included.  I can work with your personal printing budget, and can advise on best practices.

• I can arrange getting them printed and delivered for an extra fee, depending on your location.

• Once work has begun on the project, you and I commit that it will be finished and paid for upon receipt.


Look over my samples before deciding, and If you're interested in this deal, send an email with these things:

• All text to be included on flyer, (Names, Dates, Venues, Times, Ticket prices, other pertinent information).

• Links to any relevant websites, videos or sound clips where I can find out more about the project. 

• Links to a few examples of other pieces you like.  Keep in mind that this won't involve intricate illustration.

• Contact Information and contact preferences (Phone, email, and mailing address.)

• A description of the event, your printing preferences / budget, other requests and considerations.


I will email or call you back to discuss the project, and whether I can accept it or not.  If you want something larger, fancier, in a rush, or have other special requests, I'd be glad to talk to you about that too, and see what we can work out.  I'm also interested in reasonable barter offers, especially food, prominent ad space and some certain durable goods.


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